Age limit for Australia Skilled PR with 189 / 190 visa

Hi Request you to please let me know if I can continue for Australia Visa if I am start 45 yrs, but qualify on rest points or I cannot apply at all

Sorry, but the upper age limit is 45.

You are not eligible for skilled employment PR if you have already reached age 45.

If your spouse if still under 45, they can apply for PR though and you can be their dependent.

Hi Thanks, but on calculation age on the calculator shows as 44, so can go ahead i suppose

Hi , also please do let me know of an expert Visa agent who I could approach,

I just answered earlier based on what you said that your age is 45.

If you have not yet turned 45, then you can still file your application.

But, your age should be less than 45 on the date of application invite and then submission.

I am not aware of any agent. Sorry.

Thanks Anil, I know this query again seems annoying, but I got to hear that if we are start running 45 and not completed we are still under the 44 age bracket, is that true for Australia immigration,
Thanks again and do you do visas

Yes, that’s correct.

Thanks a lot Anil, I had consulted many on this but no one knew, thanks again, I need someone whom I could approach, cause i am running between a thin line and my visa could get discarded if the agent don’t handle it well , however you have been of great help.

the website does not give contact details does it?

TruVisa is just a forum and not an agent. You can ask any question if you have.
But, they do not have any agent who can help filing your application. You will have to do it yourself.

Thanks really this is a good platform to clarify our doubts.

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