ACS skill assessment


I have couple of questions regarding ACS skill assessment.

Graduated in BE

Degree: Computer Science and Engineering

My work experience:

Developer Programmer
Total Year Of Experience 7 years

I’m planning to do a masters degree (Cyber Security) in australia.

  • My questions:

  1. After completion of my course (2 years) in cyber security, Will I be able to apply under 261312 Developer Programmer as my nominated occupation.

  2. If I apply for a developer programmer, How many years would be deducted form my total years of experience.

  3. Would they consider my masters in Cyber Security to be closely related occupation to my nominated occupation (Developer Programmer)?

  4. If so, After completion of course when I work as an ICT Security specialist with anzsco code 262112 (ICT Security specialist),
    Will that experience be added along with my 261312 Developer Programmer which is my previous experience or will the old/new experience be completely neglected.

5.Can I apply with apply with two different anzsco code?

If anybody has been in similar situation, I would very much appreciate any help.