ACS Experience Count

Hi Everyone,

Need your advice once again,

Below is my ACS Result, I started working from June 2012, However, ACS has considered June 2014 as equate to work, Here is the quick summary of my experience

Dates: 06/14 - 04/18 - 3 year(s) 11 month(s)
Country: Outside Of Australia (India)

Dates: 05/18 - 04/19 - 1 year(s) 00 month(s)
Country: Outside Of Australia (Singapore)

So, In short, they have given me 4.11 months of offshore experience, which makes me eligible for 5 points, However, Is there any way to add another 1 month of offshore experience? As I have proof of Pay slips & IT Returns for the year 2012-2014.

Has any one has similar situation?
What did you do?
Please share your inputs.

Thanks & Regards.