ACS Assessment for spouse points

Hi Anil

I want to claim spouse points. My wife completed bachelor’s in information technology in 2010.

I filed ACS Assessment under 261313.
Want to file hers under 261313 however her experience would not completely be considered under 261313.

Is it mandatory to submit her experience letters to get positive assessment under 261313?

Please guide

Rakesh G

Yes, you need to submit all education and work experience letters to get ACS assessment done.

If you only submit education, ACS can only assess her education but not the job suitability.

Hi Anil

For spouse points if we submit 3 yrs of experience under software engineer with bachelors in information technology . Do you think wil we get positive assessment ?

She is having testing exp as well so in last 8 we are submitting only 3 yrs under 261313 .

She should be able to get positive assessment as only 2 years are required for passing the work experience test.

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Hi Anil

With below experience description.
Remove image .

Under 261311/312/313

I filed my acs under 261313 n looking for spouse points.

Can you tell me with above experience letter is it possible to get positive assessment ?

Letter looks good to me.

It’s test engineer in the letter . Is that ok ? If I file under software engineer ?

You choose the code based on what your day to day activities are.
The daily job roles are more important than job title.

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Hi Anil

We got below response for my spouse acs assessment. I applied her assessment for spouse points only under 261313. Can this be considered positive assessment? Just want to reconfirm.

Thank you for your ICT skills assessment, which was received by the Australian Computer Society on 02 April 2019.
Your skills have been assessed to be suitable for migra�on under 261313 (So�ware Engineer) of the ANZSCO Code.
Your qualifica�on has been assessed as follows:
Your Bachelor of Technology from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University completed June 2010 has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with a Major in compu�ng.
The following employment a�er March 2013 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level and relevant to 261313 (So�ware Engineer) of the ANZSCO Code.
Dates: Posi�on: Employer: Country:
04/11 - 03/14 - 3 year(s) 0 month(s) Test Engin

Yes, this is positive assessment report. You can use it for your spouse points.

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Hi Anil,

I am going for skill assessment for spouse with occupation “software engineer” for 5 points. She has work experience of 2.3 years after completing MCA /. Working period June 2013 to Aug 2015. I have read that ACS deducts 2 years experience mandatorily. Is it the same for spouse assessment as this would reduce her experince to only 3 months.
In this case will I be able to claim spouse points for my PR?

Hi @AustPR

ACS deducts minimum 2 years for everyone.

She should be able to get positive assessment for 3 months and that should be enough to qualify on the spouse work experience point criteria.

HI @Anil_Gupta ,

I am planning to apply ACS for my spouse. She is BTech computer’s background and currently working in IBM(Systems Administrator) with 6 months of experience.
Is there any chance of getting positive assessment if we apply now? or is it possible at least with 1 year experience?
Please help me with your valuable guidance.


Hi @bukkasamudram

ACS needs at-least 2 years of work experience.

If spouse did bachelors and Masters in Non-IT, but she has 3yrs of ICT Business analyst work experience, then will they still reduce just 2yrs or will they reduce more since her education is different from her work exp?

I am analytics professional & my title is Business Analyst. Can I apply for ICT Business Analyst? My work is mostly into strategy analytics, sort of an internal consultant role.
I did my Btech post which I worked for ~3 years & then went for my MBA for 2 years & joined the analytics job post MBA. Been around 2.5 years in the job now… will I need to complete 4 years as my masters degree is non ICT whereas my Bachelors was ICT?

Hi @Rakeshg

I am an automation tester currently with 4 years of Manual testing and 2 years of automation testing experience. We are planning to get the ACS done for my experience under 261313. Can you please share your wife’s experience description for reference to It would be of great help for us.

Thanks in Advance