ACS assessment asking for CV upload, no option to upload

Hi @Toska

No documents need notary for ACS assessment as per their new rules that came out in Nov 2019.

Hello Anil,

In the ACS document, it is mention in Point number 8. Resume/Curriculum Vitae – upload in your personal documents section. Does it mean along with the passport details we have to combine and upload the CV? Please confirm…

It is also mention in SkillsAssessmentGuidelinesforApplicants.pdf(Dec 2019) “Maximum limit of 3MB per PDF upload” means per file size should be 3 MB not more than that…can we upload multiple files separating each file as 3 MB …? if not, If the pages of my document are more which exceed size of 3 MB what I have to do?

Section, 7.3 Payment Evidence page 15/21 “Payment Evidence must include at least two different types of documentary evidence from the following list of categories. This must cover the beginning and end for each year of employment being claimed in the application”…Means if I am working in the company for example 5 years. So I have to upload the Jan & Dec Bank statement/payslip of each year?

Thanks, it will be a great help to answer the above questions.

Hi @Mohammad_Ali

I have given complete details of ACS documents and how to upload them here. Please read.