ACS assessment asking for CV upload, no option to upload

Hi Anil,

ACS assessment asking for CV upload

I need one clarification on ACS assessment. I submitted my ACS application (261313 - Software Engineer) along with all required notarized docs on 7-Sep, Fri and I got an email this morning (10-Sep, Mon) from asking to upload CV.

It also says “We will place your skills assessment on hold for an extra 14 days. If no contact is received within this period, your application will be assessed according to the current documents.”

ACS assessment CV Resume upload was not required

I don’t even recall anywhere mentioning that CV needs to be uploaded.

No Option to upload CV on ACS login

When I login to ACS, it says “Your application is currently with an assessor.” I can only edit my personal details and I don’t see any option to upload my CV. Can you please clarify?

The link to upload CV should be in the email that you received.

If link in not there, then you can reply to same ACS email asking for clarification and they usually respond within 24 hours.

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Thanks Anil for your prompt response.

I’ll email them. Does the CV need to be in any specific format i.e. one page PDF or very detailed spanning multiple pages including all projects that I’ve worked for all clients?

You can create a CV with all your employers and major project details.
No need to go into too much detail as you are already submitting the work experience skill letters.

Just make sure that what you write in your CV matches the content written in your work skill letters.

Appreciate your quick response. Thanks again!

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Hi Anil,

I have a similar issue, They have emailed me to upload

  1. A copy of your Resume/CV
  2. Certified copy of your birth certificate or passport

Query 1: I do not see the link to upload CV, so as per your previous comment I will reply back to same ID for link to upload CV.

Query 2: I had previously uploaded my Passport in PDF for “Passport or Birth certificate” section. I am not sure why they are asking for it again. Should I even write them asking this?

Greatly appreciate your support!

Hi @Fouzia

Did you upload the ‘certified’ copy of your passport earlier?
If not, then they are asking for CERTIFIED copy.

Even if you uploaded the certified copy earlier, you can upload it again as sometimes ACS system corrupts the file and they ask for it again.

Thank you for assistance @Anil_Gupta

I have emailed then regrading CV and I shall Upload ‘Certified’ Passport again.

Thanks again!

You are welcome. Let me know if you have more questions. All the best.

Appreciate your gesture @Anil_Gupta. I will get back with further queries.

Hi @Fouzia,

Could you please tell us more about the reply you got from them regarding the CV upload and its format.


Hi @Janz_P

There is no specific format for CV.

Hi @Janz_P,

As @Anil_Gupta said, there is no particular format for CV. I replied to that same email attaching CV and they uploaded it for me. It was the same suggested by @Anil_Gupta.



Than you both for the information

Hi guys,
I need another advice from you two for the below query as well. Appreciate your responses very much. :slight_smile:

My husband’s ACS expires on 2019 Feb and i want to get it assessed again. But he is joining a new company in December.

My doubt is, if i am applying for ACS again, can I use the previous employee reference letters. But in that ‘To date’ is kept as ‘up to date’ since he was working in the same company that time. What if i apply to ACS before he joins a new company? may be apply a new skill assessment in November? can i do that? or do i need to wait until it gets expired in feb?

Also since he cant get a letter from the new company, will it be okay not to include that in the ACS. and without including that in the ACS, can i put that work experience in the EOI and put it as ‘Not relevant’.

Thank you

Apply new ACS report anytime

You can apply for a new ACS report anytime you want. Unless, you expect any ‘relevant’ increase in total work experience, there is no use of applying for ACS now.

ACS work experience dates

All the previous work letters should have the exact ‘to date’ mentioned.


Were you able to find an option to upload CV?


No. I emailed them back with the CV, and the assessor uploaded it for me.



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I would like to know if resume should also be 'certified’ copy?