Abandon Cos from h4 to f1 and get F1 stamping in india

I have applied change of status in the month of August 2018 which has sent to CSC.Its been 5 months and I would like to cancel the cos and like to go to visa stamping to India .what are the difficulties which I will face because of cancellation and during my visa interview.

The primary difficulty is the intent conflict between H4 and F1 Visa.
F1 is for study.

We are seeing lot of H4 to F1 rejections at US embassy in terrier due to conflict of intent and it is a bit risky to go out of US.

If you still want to go ahead, you can simply go out of US and apply for F1 Visa in US embassy.

Could you please tell me that is there any risk to withdraw my cos and go back to India for f1 stamping.and May I know the process of withdrawal of cos.

Yes, as I said in my earlier response, there is a risk to go to India for F1 stamping. The chances are higher for rejection.

If you want to withdraw your COS application, you can simply leave USA and COS will be automatically abandoned by USCIS.