261312 invitation estimates for 189,190 and 489

Hi Anil, Is south australia open for developer programmer in 489 stream with 80 points(70+10) or is it worth waiting for 190 visa with 75(70+5) or 189 visa with 70 points under 261312? What are the chances for these subclasses?
Thanks in advance for answering.

261312 chance of invite with 70 points

At this time, there is a waiting period of about 7-8 months for 189 invite for 261312.

190 invites are being sent with 75+ 5 points at this time.

489 invites are also sent for 75 + 10 points.

I suggest to increase your base points to 75 to get invite faster.

Thanks for your reply. I don’t have any additional points to score at this moment for extra 5 points. So waiting for 7-8 months from now for 189 visa is possible right?

Another query is, Will there be any reduction of points this july for any of subclasses?

That will be known in July.

I do not think the points requirement will drop as the demand is very high.

You meant for the score of 70 it is 7-8months?
Also, is it the same for all occupations under 2613 ? (261311, 261312, 261313 etc)

Yes, i meant for all 2613 code jobs.
But, situation will change after the announcement of reduced 189 quota.

I submitted EOI for 189 with 80 pint on April 7th 2019 for Developer Programmer.When can I get invite.Can I get on July round.Thanks.

Hi @manjeet

You have good chance of invite in July 2019 with 80 points for 261312.

Hi Anil,

i have submitted EOI for 261312 with 70+5 points. considering the current situation how long would the wait period be?