190 Visa - Not applying for spouse visa

Hi there,

I have an invite from 190 (10 points for single applicant), and will be lodging the application soon.

I will be getting married in the next few months (before visa grant), but do not wish to add my partner (competent english, but not in skilled list = 5 points) in my current application.

I will be notifying DoHA after the marriage, but will this reduce my points or negatively affect my application?

I understand that partner medical/PCC will be required even if not applying for spouse visa.

I want to understand if DoHA will reject my appplication (just before visa grant) since i no longer have the same point score as i did while i submitted documents after invite.

Please help

Your PR grant (if approved) will have the condition that you cannot marry before your first entry to Australia.

If you do marry and do not disclose, then you will face issues later in future application or PR renewal.