189 skilled visa - wall and floor tiler

Hello, we are in the early days of applying for a 189 skilled visa using my partner as the main applicant under 333411 wall and floor tiler. He had 60 points based on age, experience etc so he took the PTE test with little to no preparation, he scored just short of superior with an overall of 78 and 80/90 in most aergoeies but 77 in one and 72 in another. Therefore he scored competent giving 10 pts so total points stands at 70. We have booked another test to go for the 20 points to give us a better/quicker chance. However my question is, based on his current points how soon would you predict he would be invited? He will sit the next PTE now it is booked but should he score the same we are considering applying still as I believe his trade is in demand and not a high applicant category…

Would really appreciate you response as we need to get the ball rolling ASAP.

Thanks in advance.

You can expect invite within 2-3 months with 70 points.

Thank you for your reply, I thought as much…perhaps didn’t have to book a second PTE then? Thanks

Your choice if you want to wait.
If your points increase, you will get invite faster.

Thanks again for such a quick reply! I posted my queries on another site and still haven’t had a reply nearly 2 weeks on! If I submit an EOI now could we update the PTE points at a later stage should he score higher?

You can update EOI. But, remember that whenever you update EOI, you get a new date of effect.

Oh really, I didn’t know that!! Thank you very much you’ve been most helpful!! :blush:

Hi again!

Hope you don’t mind me picking up this thread again…we booked in for a second PTE to try and get the superior points instead of competent which is in 2 weeks. In the meantime as I’m conscious the months are passing us by I’ve started to try and collect the dosixmemta for skills assessment.

I’ve hit a stumbling block pretty quick whereas we haven’t got a copy of his NVQ3, can proof of lengthy experience (15 years) suffice over qualification or do we need to try and track down a copy certificate?


Education and work experience are evaluated separately.

Hi, ah no sorry I think you’ve misunderstood. The NVQ3 is his qualification for his skilled trade, which is understand is a requirement to qualify for the skills assessment. But as we can’t fin official documents to prove he has that, would 15 years trading experience be sufficient to pass the TRA skills asssent without proof of his trade qualification?


As per my information, you need proof of your every claim. If you can’t prove it, you can’t claim it.

You can check with TRA assessment requirements. I am not aware of TRA’s requirements at this time.

Hi Anil,

Things have changed somewhat with the process as you know since we last spoke back in Feb! We have now submitted our eoi 190 NSW finally on 20th Nov, 333411 wall & Floor tiler with 75+5, when do you think we could expect an invite?

The latest round yesterday were for eoi updated to 16th with points from 65-75. We really want an invite so we can lodge onshore… Thanks for your help…

Hi @LaraUK

You have good score but the time estimate for NSW is not possible as state does not share any data publicly.

Hi, thanks so much…ok, I wasn’t sure if you could gauge it from what others have reported. Still no point for 189 with less than 85 I take it?

Hi @LaraUK

The 189 points requirement should come down by Jan or Feb.