Your passport has been picked up status in US visa passport tracking

I had come to India for vacation, and was eligible for drop box.

I had submitted my documents and passport on 13th December.
But I got the passport back on 26th, with a blue slip - asking me to come for an in-person interview with some additonal documents.

I went for the interview on 28th December, and VO after verifying my documents said my visa is approved.

I still see the status in ‘Administrative Processing’ and passport status as ‘Your passport has been picked up’ (from Dec 26th).

Is this just a delay in status update? When can I expect the passport back? I have already postponed my return trip once.

Wait. .what do you mean the status is ‘administrative processing’ as well?
Does the status on CEAC website show as admin processing or it says approved?

Hi Anil,
Thanks for the response. The status was in administrative processing in CEAC site before I had attended the interview. After the interview on 28th, the site still said ‘Administrative Processing’ but the last updated shows '28th December.

I hope what you say is true, that the delay is because of holidays. My only consolation is that the VO said that my Visa is approved after the interview. He returned my documents ( as part of the blue slip) and retained the passport.

That should be fine then. It should not take more than 7-10 working days now to get your stamped passport.

Otherwise, “Your passport has been picked Up” means that your passport is in transit from US embassy to VFS service center. You should get an email soon about picking up your passport from VFS center.
Don’t worry.

I think the delay is due to the holidays. Normally, you receive the pick up email within a day.