Yellow form 221(g) issued - I129, end client letter request

Hi Anil,
I have been recently issued Yellow slip at the end of H1B interview in New Delhi Consulate on 14th Jan 2019. after 4 days i was asked to submit I129 and end client letter in pdf format.
How much time it can take as currently my status is shown as Administrative Processing . they had confusion regarding middle vendor during my interview which i clarified also.

There is no fixed timeline for form 221(g).

Once you submit the documents, it can take anywhere between 1 to 10 weeks or more.

I don’t want to scare you but you should plan accordingly.

Thanks Anil,

Will update this Thread once i have some update from my end.

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Hi Anil,

Today i have received my passport by courier without Visa stamped and also in the courier was Yellow slip mentioned Adminsitrative porcessing with case number mentioned.

What does it mean now ?

What else is mentioned on the yellow slip.
Can you share the image of this yellow slip?

Hi Anil,

At Bottom its is mentioned Administrative Processing and at top right Case number is mentioned.

Usually, the documents that need to be submitted are mentioned.

Did you submit any document till today after your interview?

Yes Anil,

I had Sent the I-129 and end client letter documents they asked me in PDF format to on 18th Jan for which i already got acknowledgement .

ok…then, i think they are still verifying your case and you will be informed once it is cleared out.

If you do not have any other message, then your application is still open.
But, it may easily take more than 8 weeks.

Same with me. I went for visa interview. They asked basic questions about job location salary and petitioner. After that i got green slip 221g asking for additional documents i.e i129, LCA, I797, job description, education documents and resume. I sent all docs to on 5th feb 2019.

Hi @rohit
Have you got your passport back yet?

The VO returned by passport after interview and said we need additional documentation. “you will get an email to submit passport when administrative process is completed”

Is your employer a consultancy company?

I suggest to be prepared mentally for a longer wait. I don’t want to scare but waiting time could be 1 week to several months.

See this recent case:

Yes, my employer is a US based consulting company

can we respond to 221g twice through email? In last email , the job duties which i emailed them were not in my company letter head. Would that be a problem? Please advise

Ideally, you should send whatever is written in the H1B petition.

You can try sending again.

Hi Anil,

i Got my passport stamped 1 week back . they asked to submit passport again and then after 3 days it was dispatched.