Write Masters (non relevant) and Bachelors (relevant) in Australia EOI


Appreciate if you could clarify my dilemma.

I have completed my masters in electrical engineering and bachelor degree in electronics.

I have sent only my bachelor degree for acs evaluation, as my masters was not relevant to my nomination. My bachelor degree was recognized as equivalent to australian bachelor degree.

In the EOI, can I put my masters as “Others - Non AQF accredited” and submit (or) should I be in syn with my result letter and not put my masters at all?

a) Does putting masters under non AQF accredited make me loose any points, as I am already gaining points in my bachelors degree.

b) Will eliminating masters degree in EOI be an issue


You can write both masters and Bachelors in EOI and mark the Masters as non-relevant. It is your choice.

You will only get points for your relevant education and work experience. Don’t worry about it.

Once you are invited, you will have to show both anyway i.e. bachelor and masters in form 80.


Thanks Anil…

By “Not Relevant”… do you mean to select “Non AQF accreditation” in Qualification drop down?

Yes. That’s correct.