Write H4 i797 receipt number on H4 EAD form?

Hi Team,

My employer applied for my H1B extension with H4 last month in premium processing. My H1B extension got approved but H4 extension got stuck into RFE due to a mistake on i539 form.We have already responded RFE.

My wife is leaving US for 3 months in Nov-2018 for vacation, So i want to file her EAD application now so that it gets accepted before she leaves.I have few questions regrading filing i765 form.

My wife’s current i94 is valid till Nov-2018.Can I file her H4EAD(new) while her H4 extension is pending?
For point 29, I will mention my approved i797(i129) (extended) receipt number.Correct?

Where to mention i797c(i539) receipt number for my wife’s pending H4 extension of form?

For point 21 a. Should I mention current i94(valid till Nov-2018) or pending i797c(i539) receipt number or leave it blank?

Please advise.


Hi @pushpen

All your questions have already been answered here:

Please read and them and use the article link to see the sample H4-EAD pre-filled forms too.

H4 i797 receipt number on H4 EAD form?

There is no place on the form where you need to provide the i539 (H4 extension) receipt number.