Working for two h1B employers at same time while transfer is pending

Hi Dear TruVisa Team, I have a question. Here is my scenario.

I am on H1b with company A and company B will be filing for my new H1b.

Q1. If my H1b transfer is Pending with employer B can I begin working with employer B on receipt notice from USCIS while still working for employer A (This is remote work)? without letting employer A know about it?

Q2. If above is true, is it a problem if I work from a location different than one on LCA for employer A (LCA has house address)

Q3. If I start working with just employer B (on receipt) and resign from employer A (This gets revoked). What happens to my status if H1b with employer B is denied. Do I get a 60 days grace period? or I become out of status?

Q4. If I work on two H1B s for some time. Will there be an issue when I am trying to do an extension in the future?

Q5. Heard about concurrent H1b filing. Is it any different than what I mentioned as employer B?

You cannot work for two H1b Employer at same time unless your concurrent H1B is approved.

You should leave current employer if you want to start working for new employer using H1B Transfer receipt.

For concurrent H1B, the second H1b should be approved as a dependent H1B with clear intent of working for both companies simultaneously.

If you still work for both Employer at same time by your choice, your payroll will run for both and government will have records. It can be an issue later as both Employer will report you on form I-9 to USCIS.

Read about your options if H1B transfer is denied.

Thanks for the quick response Anil. Stay safe!