Work under Unactivated H1B Amendment + Extension

Due to COVID19, I have been stuck outside of the US for about half a year. I filed my H1B amendment (Change of Location) + extension under the category of “Consular Processing” and got it Approved by USCIS on June 20th. I wonder:

  1. under the new proclamation, am I still eligible to get a visa stamp for my new H1B visa from
    an US embassy?
  2. I currently have my old H1B visa valid till August 7th 2020 and I94 valid till August 17th 2020. In case, I can not get a valid stamp to activate my new extended H1B visa, Can I go back to the US use
    my old H1B visa and work legally in the US without activating my new visa even after my old visa and I94 expire? Does the 240 days rule apply to my case?
  3. For how long can I work after my old I94 expire? Since I can not activate my new visa.
  4. Any chance for me to convert Consular Processing to Change of Status after I go back to the US?

Thanks very much if anyone can help!

Old i94 does not exist now. Once you leave US, the i94 is automatically invalidated.

You can return to US using old valid visa stamp and them immediately file an extension before the new i94 expiry that you will after entry.