Work assessment of Aus PR for Msc Chemistry

Dear sir ,

  1. I want to know from which agency I should get my work and education( Chemistry ) assessed as I am currently working as lab analyst in FMCG company. Also tell me about the procedure to do so.

  2. Will the successful assessment add points to get me closer to my aim ??

  3. I am 29, single , post graduate ,6+ year of work experience,and IELTS - 6.5,7,7,8 .
    I am planning for PTE or should I go for redo the IELTS??

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Assessment agency

You have to first choose the ANZSCO code as per your job profile here:

The assessment agency name is mentioned against each job code.

Assessment Points

Yes, successful assessment of education and work experience will add points to your skillselect profile.


My suggestion is to go for PTE. Rest is your choice. I have written PTE notes here to get top score in a week: