Will SkillSelect increase my work experience after i return to India?

Hi Anil,

I was in australia for last 4 years and I moved back to india on 4th August 2019.

I already logged EOI , when I was in Australia. But, ACS deducted my offshore work experience points as i have only worked for 4 yrs and 7 months in India.

I have updated EOI with my Indian related work start date as 4th August 2019.

I want to know when will my points get updated, based on offshore experience?

PS: I will be getting 5 points on completion of 5 years in India.

Raj Sharma

EOI updates itself automatically if you keep the current employment date empty.

Any idea, when will it reflect… i am planning travel back to Australia after my points get updated

Off-course, it will reflect only when the total work experience reaches the next points slab.