Will pending H4 EAD be approved if DHS stops EAD soon?

Hi Anil,

As per the latest update from official DHS website, the H4 EAD revokal process is going to enter the rule making phase in November, this is happening a way more advanced than what we expected.

So my question here is, assume a case where the revokal comes into implementation from Feb 2019 onwards and I have filed for my H4EAD, H4 and my spouse’s H1 extension in January, what would be the status of my application, Is it still going to be approved ?

DHS still need to publish H4 EAD withdrawal rules

The rules will be defined by DHS as to what will happen for in-flight cases as you have asked.

DHS will give a final end date for H4 EAD

As per my opinion, they will specify a date after which the NEW applications will not be accepted. They may decide to complete the in-process application (already filed) or may return them and refund the fees. This is not known yet.

I would say that plan for immediate stop. So, if you have to apply for H4EAD, apply as early as possible.

Didn’t get this “I would say that plan for immediate stop.”

Do you mean to say that the plan is to stop the existing EAD’s without even waiting until they get to renewal.

We do not know the exact DHS decision yet but the ‘language’ they have used in most recent update seems to convey that they do know about the financial loss the employer’s would face if H4 EADs are stopped.

You never know what they will come out with. That is why I said that plan your actions based on the assumption that they may stop it abruptly.