Will my H1B extension premium with no change sent to Vermont service center?

Will my H1B extension be automatically sent to Vermont Service Center?

If i m working for the same Employer, and Applying for an H1B extension with no change of the project (client). Am i eligible for the premium process after the Aug 28 premium processing ban?

It doesn’t depends on where my employer is located?? All the above mentioned type of applications are directed to Nebraska Center?

Lets say if i m working in Massachusetts i come under Vermont center right?

But if i am applying for an extension like I mentioned above, My applications were to Nebraska instead of Vermont ??

USCIS Service center Jurisdiction

This is what USCIS says officially:

The service center that has jurisdiction over your case depends on the type of form you file and the filing instructions for that form. Where you reside may also be a factor.
For example, you may live in California, but the Vermont Service Center may have jurisdiction over your case if you submitted a form that the Vermont Service Center processes.

For information on which forms each USCIS service center processes you may see our Service Center Forms Processing and our Workload Transfer Updates webpages. To determine which office or center has your case, you may review your receipt notice and any subsequent transfer notices.

All H1B extension application to be sent to Vermont?

It is possible that USCIS may transfer the #h1b-extension that have ‘No change’ to Vermont service center.

But, you or your employer cannot decide that. It is USCIS that will take that decision.

Read details about the H1B premium processing suspension here: