Will I be able to file H1B Amendment while H1B extension is in progress

Hi @Anil_Gupta

I worked for Client A in location A and my petition expired on Dec 31st, 2019. My H1B Extension for location A is filed on Dec 02nd, 2019 and I just received my Receipt#. Due to project closure, Unfortunately now I have to move to Client B and Location B and should file H1B Amendment+Extension.

Please confirm whether I can file Amendment+Extension now for client B, and after it filed can I revoke my H1B extension which is in progress for Client A as I have just received my Receipt#? Please advise!

I-94 Expiry: 31 Jul 2020.
Visa Expiry : 21 Jul 2020
Note: Visa stamped using petition(which is active till Jul 21,2020) from Client Z location Z.

You can file H1B amendment. The pending extension will become a bridge petition if your i94 has already expired.

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My current i-94 is still valid and have Expiry Date as 31-Jul-2020.
Is it advisable to withdraw the pending H1B extension after I filed Amendment +Extension for new client??
Note: Am processing both by the same employer

Its your employer’s choice to withdraw the pending extension or not.
They might do it as they can’t prove the application in case they get an RFE.

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