Will H4 EAD support letters sent by tech Giants push DHS to change their decision?

I hear that h4 ead is getting a lot of backing from big tech giants
They are sending letters to DHS to reconsider the rule for removing h4 ead
Do you think it will help in favor of h4 ead?

Yes, lot of big companies are in favor along with lot of senators from California have sent letters to DHS in favor of H4-EAD.

It should help.

I think it has helped in a way that earlier DHS was planning to release the withdrawal rules by Feb 2018 but now they are thinking more about it and will come up by June 108.

US politics is all about lobbying. If the major corporations have an eye on something, they know they can get it done through lobby.

But, we still have to wait and watch on how things turn.

Hi @Anil_Gupta just wondering will these critics have an effect on USCIS and DHS’s decision.

Hi @Sumit
US is all about lobbying.
Everything that’s being done today is based on the perception that H4EAD is taking away the jobs.

If the groups like fwd.us does not highlight the other side and do not advocate the usefulness of this work permit, it is certainly going to help the groups who are against it.

It is important to build the lobby and at least try to affect DHS decision.

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