Will H1B transfer beyond 6 years will be valid if the i140 is withdrawn (by previous employer) before 180 days?


My i140 is approved with Employer A 2 weeks before. Planning to change job only when will get 3 year h1b validity with new Employer B after visa transfer. My question is as the i140 approval date is less than 180 days, if Employer A withdraws my i140, in that case will my H1B be valid for 3 years with company B? Or it will be invalid as the transfer has been done(beyond 6 years) based on i140?

H1B will stay valid until USCIS explicitly issues a NOID (Notice of intent to deny).

The chances are high that USCIS may issue NOID after i140 is revoked.

Thanks for the reply Anil. So safe is to change after 180 days or make sure Employer A does not revoke it before 180 days. Am I correct?

Safest option is to leave after 180 days of i140 approval.