Will Canadian immigration cancel the PR and deny entry if entering in last year?


Me, my wife & son got Canadian PR (expiring Mar-2021), but before we got the approval I had moved to the US on H1B. So, we have not stayed in Canada at all to be able to renew the PR. I can try to enter Canada before PR expiry and staying put there for 2 years.

My question: What happens if Canadian immigration notices that my PR status is ending in few months. Will they cancel the PR and deny entry? or some other process will be followed?


Hi @sanoel

You can enter Canada anytime during the 5 year term. They won’t cancel or deny entry.

Thanks for your response.

I read that if noticed, Canadian immigration will report the case to CIC for not meeting residency obligations, who would revoke my PR status & I will have to leave Canada. I can appeal in court but it would not hold.

Is it correct? Any other options?

That’s for a case where you have entered Canada after the time expired.

Great. Thanks for your response.