Will bank statement from Axis Bank work as Indian address proof for passport renewal?

Hi, I’m applying for my passport to be reissued from the CKGS services in Chicago. The Indian address in the passport needs to be changed, and for the proof of address, I’m submitting a bank statement from Axis Bank. I don’t think it’s going to be have a photograph. Will this be enough? Will they ask me to send Indian address proof WITH a photograph? I don’t have an Aadhar card etc.

Also, does anyone know what the processing time is, roughly, through the Chicago center? Thank you for this blog; it has helped with some questions I had in the application!

The bank statement should be from a government bank with a photograph.
Axis bank statement will not work.

Sample Govt. bank statement with picture available here:

Chicago’s processing time is also 4-6 weeks.

Thanks, Anil. I don’t have a government bank account, so I can have my current US address printed as my address in my passport (this isn’t a problem since I currently reside here). Do I still need to show Indian address proof? It wouldn’t make sense (and I can’t do it anyway), but I’m not sure how the form changes based on that.

I have already submitted the online forms, made the payment, and printed everything out. It is ready to be mailed to Chicago by UPS. If I need to make this change, what would you suggest I do? Should I cancel the current application and start a new one?

If yes, do I need to wait for the current application to be completely canceled before starting/submitting a new application?

Thanks a lot for replying so quickly, especially considering it’s the weekend.

There is no Indian address proof verification done physically.

But, if you want Indian address to be printed on new passport, you should provide its proof.