Will ACS call co-worker to verify statutory Affidavit?

The co-worker Affidavit has background verification from ACS?
Will they call to company and Inquire? How strong background verification from ACS ?

They randomly call. For my friend they called his previous colleague as mentioned in the affidavit & inquired for nearly 10 minutes.

what they generally ask? cz the person in the affidavit does not remember all things about us.
He needs to check somewhere

Based on what you have mentioned in roles and responsibilities

But at the time of call …that person should have copy of that affidavit… so that he can confirm

do they give time to him to check the details?

Not sure about this. They randomly call

then its risky to give affidavit…
i give 2 of my companies… as both companies are closed now

no hr details

so I had to… I give the copies to my colleagues… but they cann’t always remember the things

@Anil_Gupta plz give any advice here?

They does call especially in case of co-worker letters as many people have reported.

The purpose of the call is to validate what that co-worker has mentioned in the letter as they are SUPPOSED to write it themselves.

If the co-worker cannot vouch for it, there is a problem and a strong suspicion that they did not write it.

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