Why is PERM Prevailing wage processing time increasing each day?

Hi, It seems the processing time for Prevailing Wage Determination increases day by day. Does anything block the determination? Thanks.

Hi @Panacea_Yeh
It does not increase day by day in real sense. The problem lies in the way DOL publishes their data publicly.

They usually refresh their data once a month and hence, the dates do not seem to move every day.
If they publish it daily or more frequently, the data would be more reliable and fresh.

Hi @Anil_Gupta
Got it and thanks for your reply. Because it has been about 100 days without any response since I submitted the request for the determination, I’m a little worried about it.

Hi @Panacea_Yeh
When did your employer filed your Prevailing wage determination request?
The dates here are updated daily with DOL’s official dates automatically:

Hi @Anil_Gupta
They filed the request on 3/21. They thought 90ish days are reasonable for the response to the request so that they haven’t asked the outside counsel, but I still have a concern since generally it only takes 75~90 days for the response.

Okay…Don’t worry.

You are still within the time frame that DOL has officially published.
Your application might just be picked up and approved any day.

It happens all the time. No need to worry.

All the best.

Got it. Thanks for your reply, Anil, which relieves me a little bit. I’ll keep patient for a while.


I am still waiting for more than 110 days now. filed on july 5th.

Did you get your PWD ? when was it?

Hi @Ruwan
You mean you are waiting for ‘Prevailing wage determination’ for 110 days now or PERM?

for PWD only.111 days

Yes, its taking about 144 days at this time for PWD.

Can’t help it! They are very slow.