While spouse is In India H1B ext + H4Ext + H4EAD ext?

Hi Anil,

Could you please let me know what to do at my current situation?

Applied my ammendment at client B location in 2017 still it is pending, my h1b exp sep 2019, now trying to apply for H1b ext+ H4Ext +H4EAD ext. but my wife went to India to stay 6+ months first week of march with my 2 kids, wont be coming until Oct 2019.

My plan was to go Indian in sep and have stamped and come together with family. some religious things also need to be done at that time. I am eligible for drop box (both) …

  1. Bio metrics How it will work staying in India?
  2. So what about my previous amendment if i upgrade it, still i will get only for less than 6 months as my H1b exp 2019 sep?
  3. My company lawyer suggested two solutions upgrade amendment to Premium process or apply new amendment+ H1ext ?

please advice me My company lawyer suggestion I did not like the idea … so looking for second opinion.


H4 and H4 EAD when Spouse is in India

You cannot apply for H4 extension and H4 EAD until your H4 spouse is physically present in USA.

Biometrics for H4 visa stamping is different than biometrics for H4 extension from within USA.

Upgrade H1B Amendment to Premium

Not sure why are you waiting for your Amendment from 2017 to still receive a result. You should have upgraded to premium or have raised a service request to get the status.

I also suggest to upgrade to premium.

Then in that case how to get H4? for my wife?? let me know your thoughts.

We did service request, but no response at. they suggested to upgrade it PP.

If your spouse is in Indian, they have to visit US embassy for H4 visa stamp.

Same as First H4 stamping but one more question I have so she is eligible for Drop box but instead of Dropbox i need to select in person interview option I am assuming.

I was still in considering that we both will do drop box in sept…

I requested my employer to raise service request last month, I asked but my employer told me lets wait for ext…mostly USCIS says upgrade to PP that was happend with other consultants… so this week will request and next week will do PP … but amendment is most (99.99%) will be given lesser time than the existing H1b, is there any chances i get 2+ yrs …


Chances depend on the Employer paperwork. I cannot guess.