Which i94 is valid - one issued at airport or the one issued with H1B transfer

Hi Anil,

I got I-94 valid till Mar 2021 (when I entered US after H1B stamping in Jan 2020) as my Indian passport is expiring in Mar 2021.

My Visa for company A is valid till Aug 2022. I moved to company B this month and I-797 and I-94 with company B got approved with validity till May 2023.

I renewed my new passport just 2 days back at CKGS SFO after I got H1b transfer approval for Company B.

Now my question is, Which is my I-94 expiry date ? Is it Mar 2021 which was stamped by immigration when I entered US ?

or Is it May 2023 which i received with H1B approval of company B happened this month ?

I need to plan for international travel if it is Mar 2021. So, I’m in a confused state.

Most recent i94 is considered valid. In this case, i94 attached to H1B transfer i797 approval should be considered valid.

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Thanks Anil. I appreciate your response.

Hi Kashyap

I am in similar situation as you, thanks for the post. I had posted under a thread in i94 extension at SanDiego border, but based on above discussion seems that I may not need it.
I will now talk to my new company’s lawyer as well to double check this.
I hope you haven’t come across any different answers from other sources. I will post once i hear from my company lawyer.

@kashyap_perla here is my post in other thread just FYI.

I got new 797 due to job change prior to I94 expiry date (same as old passport expiry). Now i received new pasport
Current CBP website i94 record reflects my new i94# from new 797, while ‘admit until date’ is same as granted during re-entry (during old 797) per old passport expiry.
Do I need to update the I94 Record in this case? More details below.
Any Suggestions/help would be great. Thanks!

Old 797 validity till : 15-sept-2020
Old Passport validity and I94 ‘admit until date’ : 20-aug-2020
Last Reentry: Jan 2019
New 797 issued: may 2019 (Valid till may 2022)
New passport issued: June 2020
Curent i94 Record on CBP reflects NEW i94# from new 797 and ‘admit until date’ is 20-Aug-2020