Which I797 to use for H1 visa(dropbox) stamping

Hi, I have a situation where I need to go for visa stamping in India (dropbox appointment) in march. Below I have mentioned the details but please let me know if any of the details are not clear.

I am currently working with Employer A, I797 is valid till 2024 end, meanwhile I got other offer with employer B, so I have applied for h1 transfer and that I797 got approved until 2025 mid year(but didnt joined employer B yet, planning to join after coming back from India), so the question here is which I797 can I carry for dropbox appointment , employment verification letter and which I797 number should I enter in DS 160(I still need to submit ds160 though). Is there any chance that I can submit the employer b I797 as it has more approval time?.

Also at port of entry do I need to show employer B’s I797 because I94 is till 2025 on that one, or should I show employer A’s I797 only if I get visa stamped with employer A’s?

any inputs are appreciated Thank you so much in advance.

You should use the petition for the employer you will be working immediately after entering the US.

If you want to use employer B for stamping and re-entry, I would suggest joining the employer B first and then go for stamping.

Thank you so much @Kalpesh_Dalwadi for your response, this helps, thank you so much for your time and responding to this question.