Where is CKGS fedex shipping label after paying?

Hello Anil -

I chose CKGS’s fedex shipping option & after paying, all I received was a link to a page that has a bar code. Is this normal ?

I was expecting a standard fedex shipping label that will have information related to CKGS location to which the package will be shipped.

Am I missing something here ?

Log in again to CKGS website and it should show an option to print the Fedex label.
Note that once you generate the shipping label, it is valid only for 15 days.

Hello Anil -

I logged in again after few minutes and the option to print the Fedex shipping lable showed up. I submitted/shipped my package to CKGS today. Thanks again for all the information.

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Anil Sorry to correct you: there is no expiration date within a year, i myself book FedEx using CKGS and generated label 1 month before, but when i red this message by you i was scared because i was still not ready to post. I called FedEx and they advised to post when ready, Thus, i posted my envelop to CKGS after a month.

Hi @Gulshan_Grand

My above answer is from April 2018. At that time, CKGS had the policy of 15 days expiration. They may have changed now.

Thanks for sharing. I appreciate that you spent time to share the most recent correct information.