When to move within the 5 year term Australia PR when Both myself & spouse working in US

Hello Anil and team,

Myself and my spouse are currently residing in US for almost 6 years now. I am planning to migrate to Australia and have applied for EOI and waiting on the invite.

Meanwhile, I am just trying to get some ideas around on how and when to move from US to Australia within the 5 year Australian PR term.

Some of the questions that I am thinking: When is a good time to move after getting the PR invite?

Is it good to move early in the first two years or late in the last two years?

Can I send my spouse alone and then move to avoid any difficult situation? Is moving entirely as one family (with a toddler) a safe option to consider?

I know that it is pretty early for me to think all of this, but trying to get some thoughts.


Hi @KoderV

When to move to Australia from US is a decision driven by your personal situation and how comfortable you are with finding and starting a new job there.

Jobs in Australia are not distributed as in US. They are pretty much centered in Sydney and Melbourne.

Also, the salary is not at par with US.

I did write an article about other cost of living and other subtle differences between US and Australia.

One of you can move first and then the other one based on how quickly you can settle down.

I will keep adding more articles around the move to Australia to keep you posted.

Let me know if you have any other question.


Good post Anil, looking forward to this kind of posts.
Hope you doing good midst all this these days

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Hello Anil,

If you have added any articles, then please let know. Thanks for the great work.