When can I expect invitation for Engineering Technologist

(Anonymous) #1

Hi Anil,
I have lodged my EOI as an Engineering Technologist (occupation ID 233914) with 75 points (Date of effect 12 Nov 2018).

I have been following the invitation trends and noticed that they are issued under a wider category of "Other Engineering Professionals - Occupation ID 2339).

I understand that the invitations are issued to the occupation group, however is there any way to find out when and how many invitations were issued to Engineering Technologists.

And how long do you think it takes to get an invitation for an EOI such as mine.

(Anil Gupta) #2

As far as I know, Australia I’m migration does not share the invitation data individually for job code.
So, there is no way to know but to guess.

For your occupation code, the most recent data shared by Australia immigration is for 11 Oct 2018 draw and it has the date of effect as 26 Aug and 75 points.
Data from:

I estimate that you should get invitation in Jan 11 draw.