What to write on TCS skill letter having worked in 3 different projects in which two are networking based & one in finance based?


I am currently applying for PR in canada. I’m having doubt in choosing NOC code while creating express entry profile. I have 4 years of experience having worked in 3 different projects in which two are networking based and one is finance based.

As my roles and responsibilities differ with the projects that i worked, on what basis tcs will mention my roles and responsibilities when they provide me reference letter ? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @Petchi_Ram
It is your responsibility to mention the skills and not TCS.
They will just give you the template and you will have to fill it.

You have the responsibility to justify your skills based on the NOC code that you chose.

Out of total 4 years experience, i have worked major part (3 years) in networking projects and one year in a finance project.

When i apply for reference letter if i fill the template with the skillsets that i performed only on the networking projects and not mentioning anything related to finance project, will TCS accept and provide the reference letter with the same details that i mention in the template ?

Considering my networking skillsets as primary, i am going to choose NOC code when creating express entry profile. So need to confirm about this prior.

Thank you.

You have to get it approved by your TCS manager i.e. whatever you write in the Skills letter.

If your manager approves it, HR does not care about what skills are written on the letter.

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