What to fill in DS-160 when working with current H1B employer but interview with new approved transfer

I am employed with A and got h1b transfer approved with employer B. I am traveling outside US and need to go for stamping (visa expired for more than a year).

In DS-160, I have provided employer B approved petition details and will be using it in interview (have longer approval years).

I am planning to resign employer A post visa interview and travel back to US to join employer B.

What should I enter in DS-160 current employer section, should it be A or B as there is no option of future employer or future start date?

If i enter employer A as current employer, with there be a discrepancy as my petition details are from “future” employer B.


You should fill DS160 with information that’s true at the time of filling it.

This means that you should write information about current employer wherever the question is for current work.

It is okay to appear for interview with H1B transfer approval even if you are going to join that employer in future.