What’s the Indian passport validity needed to travel to USA from India

Hi Anil,

I received my H1 approval and it is valid until 04/07/2019. If my family is able to manage to attend the stamping In India as early as possible so that they can travel to US.

Can you please through some insight on the following questions

  1. my child passport will expire on 04/21/2019. so what’s the US passport validity needed to travel to USA from India ?
  2. Is there any issue with the stamping when my wife attends H4 interview in India with the short duration of the Visa ? (she already had H4 stamping in the past.) .
  3. If everything goes well with stamping what’s minimum validity of H4 visa holder to travel to USA from India ?


Passport Validity Required to travel to USA

You can travel with any validity like even a month if the US visa is already stamped in your passport.

But, your i94 will be restricted to your passport expiry date.
This will cause you more headache later for renewing i94 after passport renewal.

Passport Validity for H4 Visa Stamping

You need at-least 6 months of passport validity for H4 visa stamping.

Validity of H4 Visa

The H4 Visa stamp is given till the validity mentioned on the H1B’s i797 approval form.