What is period of stay abroad in Nationality verification form for Indian passport renewal?

Is ‘period of stay’ abroad from ‘Most recent entry’ to USA or ‘first entry’?

Nationality verification form has “period of stay abroad” – is this from most recent entry to USA OR the entire period when someone left India for USA for the first time excluding visits abroad ?

Total duration (months/ years) you have lived continuously in USA?

Question 12 on NRI application form is similar but different wording.

And that seems to be . Enter the total duration (months/ years) you have lived continuously in USA.
In between, if you have visited/ resided in location other than USA then exclude that period.

You can use the most recent period of stay length. It does not matter much.

If you had multiple visits in last couple of year, you can just count the stay in USA between your most recent visit and today as the ‘period of stay’.

If you came to US on 1st Jun 2016 and have recently traveled to India and stayed there 2 weeks, returned to US on 8 April 2018.

Date of last entry = recent Entry date

Then, you can write 8 April, 2018.

Period of stay abroad or Residing in USA since

Count your days from 8 Apr 2018 to today.

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