What is my grace period date to stay in USA

I am working on H1B which is valid till Jan-23 and I-94 is valid till Jan-23. My I-140 was approved in Sept-2016.

I resigned from my employer H on Nov-19-2021. And got offer from new company M on Dec 04. Company M filed H1B transfer with premium processing on Dec-14.

I do see following options

  1. If my H1B transfer get approved. Then I don’t see any risk.
  2. If my H1B be get denied. How many days I can stay in USA for job search?
  3. My H1B petition is not yet revoked by company H. Can I go back to company H if they ready to rehire me? Do they need to reprocess my H1B?


If you are going back to same employer, same position, your H1B is not withdrawn and is still valid, then there will be no need to file a new petition.