What is Main Language - Australia Visa Application?

Main language in Australia 189 / 190 Visa application

Your main language is either your primary language that you have spoken all your life or English.

If you are from North India, your main language could be ‘HINDI’.
If you are from South India, your main language could be ‘TAMIL’, ‘TELUGU’ etc.

Do NOT select ‘English’ if your main language is NOT English.

For people who were born and brought up in the country with the primary language as ‘English’ can select ‘English’ though.
Example, Kids of Indian Parent born in USA can enter ‘English’ as the main language for kid ONLY.

Select main language - Choose an option

Select the applicant’s main language from the option list.

If the applicant’s main language is not listed, select Other from the options list and enter the main language in the Other (specify) field below.