What happens to spouse PR if Initial date of entry is missed?

Me and my spouse are having problems, I had applied for my PR visa for Australia and my spouse was a co-applicant , I did not claim any spouse points, Now we have received our PR visa and have an Initial date of entry so what will happen if I travel before the initial date of entry and my spouse does not want to travel , in that case will my PR also be cancelled when I am already in Australia or only my spouse’s visa will be cancelled since she did not enter before the initial date of entry?

You can apply for extension of Initial entry date for your spouse:

OK, but what if she does want to travel at all, will that effect my PR status as well?

Each person’s Initial entry date is individually governed.

It does not affect other’s PR. If she does not travel before IED date, it will only affect her PR and not yours.

splendid! Thank you so much.