What happens to H4 EAD status if H1B holder receives a 221g during visa stamping?

I am on H4 EAD and currently working full-time in the US, my spouse went to visa stamping for his H1B in India.
US embassy issued him 221(g) blue slip for additional documentation.

  1. While, he waits in India, what is my status in USA?

  2. Can I continue to work using my H4-EAD until a decision is made on H1B 221(g)?

  3. Also, if in case 221(g) results in a denial after submitting the additional documentation, what would happen to my H4 EAD status? It is still valid for another year.

  4. If H4 EAD also gets revoked based on H1B denial, does H4 EAD holder gets any grace period to convert to another status?

  1. Your status in USA remains valid as H4.

  2. Yes, you can continue to work in USA while a decision with 221(g) is pending.

  3. If the 221(g) results in denial, the H1B status of your spouse ends. This ends your H4 status too. Once H4 status is lost, H4-EAD automatically ends irrespective of its remaining validity.

  4. There is NO grace period for H4-EAD holder. Everything is tied to primary H1B and only primary H1B holder gets a 60 day grace period, if they are in USA and lose their job.

Let us know if you need more information.