What happens if Indian Passport Renewal is denied?


I have applied my 1st passport renewal today, I am in a hurry for my H1B extension and thought of applying passport renewal before my attorney apply H1B extension in next month.

My concerns are

  1. What happens if my renewal rejects - Do I get my old passport back ? Is it mandatory to reapply immediately ? In case of rejection , I want to take my old passport back and re- apply renewal again after sometime ( few months later) as my expiry is next year June.

  2. I have applied for renewal without changing the place of birth. I know it’s dumb. But I did a mistake. Now the question is , In case they approve my passport renewal , can I apply for re-issue to correct the place of birth? That will be my second renewal then. Will that work? I want to apply for that change after few months when my extension is done. Is that ok?

Can someone, please answer the above two questions

No need to worry. You can re-apply for passport renewal anytime later.

CKGS and Indian Embassy will return your old passport as it is if they reject your renewal application.

If you have given wrong place of birth and Indian embassy issues a new passport with wrong place of birth, you will need to file for passport correction. The process is same and they will issue another new passport with corrected information.