What does Do you have IR-6 Visa category mean in CKGS application form?

Hi @Anil_Gupta,
I have a quick doubt, I have my Green card, in the CKGS application form there is a question says “Do you have IR-6 Visa category?”, what does it mean?,

We are not citizens of USA, what I need to select YES or NO?, please help me…

IR6 means - Spouse of a U.S. citizen.
I think you should select NO for this question, if your spouse is NOT U.S. citizen.

Thanks for your reply Anil, We need to create an account with CKGS to save our forms right?,

my question is when and how do we need to create this account, where do we find web reference number to create an account?


When you start your application with CKGS on their website, it automatically starts showing the Web reference.

There is no need to create a user name password or sign in credentials or an account.

Yes it gave web reference number, accidentally I closed the window when I was in the step to give details of postal info, after then I am trying to get my filled forms using that web reference number in CKGS website

Myaccount page, but it is not saying does not match the details, makes me confusing.

What will I do to get back to my filled forms?,
Do we need to submit CKGS application form too?

If I go and fill NRI passport form directly, what should I do to link with CKGS?
Where do I find document check list page for print out?

Please help me Anil…

  1. You can log back in using web reference number in the box shown at the bottom of window. check this answer:
  1. Yes, you need to submit CKGS application too.

  2. Do not go and fill NRI passport form directly. CKGS will give you the option of filling it at Step 6 of their process. This is IMPORTANT.

  3. Once you log back into CKGS website, you can see your already filled up forms.