What address to show for Indian PCC? - Passport has parents address, living in Pune now

(Anonymous) #1

Hi Anil,
I have some doubt in PCC. I am staying in Pune India and in my passport my address is of my home town.

  1. Should I done my PCC on my hometown address or my current address?
  2. If I will do it on my hometown address then I need to go there or I can get it done in my current city
  3. If I do it on current rental address then what document I should submit. I only have notarized rent agreement on my name.

Your response will be appreciable :blush:

(Anil Gupta) #2

You should submit the current address as you are currently living there.

But, in most cases the passport address is what would avoid a physical police verification. The decision of police verification is taken at the passport office. They usually will NOT go for physical verification if your passport is still valid and the address has not been changed.

Your choice on what you want to do here.