WES REPORT shows name that does not match certificates

I have a typical issue with WES report.

Actually, I corrected my name in my certificates but my wes evaluation is done with previous name.

What should I do ?? I need to apply for wes again ?? Or if I apply for express entry with present wes report is there will be any problem while certificates verification ?? Please suggest me?

Why did WES choose previous name?

Is the old name printed on your passport or you filled it wrong in WES application?

In my passport name is correct. I changed my name in my educational documents after sending to WES, but in my WES report old name is there

In that case, you should have filed WES report after changing names.

Anyway, you can get a same and one person affidavit to mitigate this situation.

But, I heard that in later stages i.e after getting ITA, during the final stage they will reject PR because of different names. Is it true brother ? And what you will suggest me can I go and apply foe Express entry with existing WES report or Can I apply for new one with corrected documents

If you have time, it is better to get new WES report.

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