WES Canada sent documents to Delhi University for verification

Hello Anil,
Need some pointers/details. WES has sent my documents for verification back to University of Delhi. I have no idea what to do next. WES says that no action is required on my part as it is the University that has to reply to them. But I don’t know on which email id or address they have sent the documents to Univ. of Delhi.

Any help/pointers will be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Don’t worry. It is a normal process and WES does it everyday. You are not the first one. They know the address that they need to send it for verification.

Thanks for the quick reply Anil. But won’t University of Delhi require some fees to be paid by me for them to send the documents to WES?

I am not sure of the process. How will I come to know if some fees has to be paid to Delhi Univ or not. Thanks.

As far as i know, if WES is sending it directly to DU for verification, you do not need to pay anything.
You only pay when you request sealed transcripts from DU directly.

Hi, did DU finally respond to WES with verified results? If so, how long did it take?

Hi @Prakarsh_Upmanyu

Not sure if you will get the response back for your question as it was asked anonymously by some visitor.

If WES is requesting is directly from DU, then DU will respond and WES would already have the process in place. Else, they would not have initiated it.

Hi @Anil_Gupta, I understand that the process has started and that WES has requested DU for further verification. I just wanted to get an idea of the time it takes for DU to successfully respond to WES with verification. Similar for IP university. In my case, WES has requested verification from both my academic institutes.

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DU is rejecting that they have never in past or would in future send any transcript directly to WES.
I have already filled up WES fees. Now wat should I do???
How to get my ECA Done???
Plz help

Hi @canadaapps

I have heard about this problem but do not know the solution yet.
I hope someone in the same boat will share their experience.

Hi @canadaapps

Here is one person’s experience who paid the fees for WES direct verification. He directly visiting DU campus and paid $200.

Hi Anil,

Is there any change in the process of verifying the documents by WES canada from DU. I got a auto mail where there is nowhere mentioned that WES will send the documents to DU for verification. Please help

Yes, many people have reported that WES is sending an email to DU to verify the transcripts submitted by the candidate.

In that case, i will send my under-graduate degree certificate & marksheets to WES. Hope this will be fine

WES Canada now requires university to send the documents directly to WES. As I’m not in India I have talked to several agents to get this service. They all say that DU does not send directly to WES, so what they do is to take the transcript from DU and mail it from post office near DU and WES accepts these transcripts. Can someone provide more detail if it is possible for university to send the transcript directly to WES.

For the Required documents this is what WES needs:
“For completed, incomplete and in-progress study, ask the institution responsible for conducting the examinations to attest and send your documents directly to WES in a sealed envelope that is signed or stamped across the back flap by the appropriate authentication officer at the institution that conducted the examination. WES will not accept documents sent by colleges, students themselves, third party agents, or anyone else.”

Hi @mayankja & @Suraj_Jha

Check this recent DU experience:

thanks mayank & anil. I spoke to Ankita , deepa & vinay gupta. they are saying i have to send the certificates to WES and WES in turn will ask DU for verification.

I am confused. What is the next step i should take after generating the reference num

I also generated reference number yesterday, WES is asking for 2 documents

  1. Copy of Degree which I need to send to WES
  2. transcript which need to be sent to WES in a sealed envelope by university directly

So the action item is on us to have DU send transcripts directly to WES. While I have no direct knowledge if DU will send the documents directly, a number of agents have told me that DU does not ship internationally, so they will ship from the post office near DU. I do not know if it will work, or WES will reject it. We will only know after few months.
If anyone has experience with new WES guidelines, that will help.

hi Mayank, anil.
Yes so i called DU and spoke to Ankita there. She has given the website of DU to visit URL and fill up the form for submission along with the with the fee of $150 ( since its more then 6 yrs)


which states:- * [Application form for Issue of Official Transcript of Marks/Degree]

Please check if the same need to be filled

Hi @Suraj_Jha

This form is the standard form for DU transcript application and it already mentioned in out Wiki article:

Did you get any information about the new WES process that requires DU to mail the transcripts directly to WES?

Or you are saying that one can directly give the WES address for transcripts to be mailed by DU.
I think that might work.


Does anybody have any verified leads on how to send the DU transcripts to WES that might finally work to get ECA done?

I am also in the same boat as others in this thread and very concerned about the new WES process. Not sure how to get DU to mail the transcripts directly to WES. On top of this issue, me being in US doesn’t help a bit. As of now, I have no clue how am I going to pull this one off.
Any suggestion is HIGHLY appreciated!