WES Canada DU university direct verification request experience

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Let me share my experience on ECA by WES for Delhi University.

WES account put on hold pending DU Verification

My WES account status was put On HOLD for verification of documents by issuing institute on 11th December. Since then I am trying to get in touch with Delhi University over phone. Sometimes they do not attend calls and many times they would tell concerned person is not available.

Found Someone’s Mobile NUmber from DU directory

I found a mobile number of person from DU directory and called him, he took my details (WES Ref #, Name) and told they had not received any email from WES. I had contacted this person on 17th December.

Dropped Messages to DU on Twitter

After this I continuously dropped messages to WES on twitter as well as Contact Us option on WES website. But every time they responded with generic messages that they cannot disclose the details to which email ID they had sent the information. Therefore, I was not able to pay verification fee which is charged by DU for verification (200 USD in my case for both Degree and Transcript verification).

Visit Delhi University North Campus

Today (28.12.2018), I visited Delhi University North Campus Gate No. 1, Counter No. 10 of VC Office at 11 A.M. in the morning.

Visited Room no 103 and Dean’s office

The person on the window gave me a slip to visit Room No. 103 on First Floor. On visiting the room, I provided my WES Ref # to the lady but she was also not able to find email from WES. She insisted me to go to Dean’s Office on Ground floor to confirm if they had received the email.

But even person in Dean’s Office was not able to locate the email. I was again redirected to Room No. 103 to confirm for postal mail this time as electronic email they were not able to find.

In Room No. 103 they couldn’t find even postal mail against my Reference Number. I was caught in No Mans Land situation.

Room# 207 - Found WES verification request Email

The lady then told me to got to Degree verification Room (Room # 207) i.e. on Second Floor. I gave my Reference # to the person and finally he was able to find the email and he told me the email was received on 17th December. He was shocked that why other people were not able to find the email because they were marked in it.

WES verification process - Pay Fees in USD

He guided me to further verification process. I created 2 DD in favor of The Registrar, University of Delhi worth Rs 7000 each (100 USD) from ICICI branch which is located in the University premises.

DD from ICICI or SBI bank inside DU campus

Luckily I had a account in ICICI bank and was carrying the Cheque book with me. The other option is SBI which is also in premises. But please do not forget to carry cheque book in case you want to make DD and ensure you have an account in any of these banks. Otherwise they wont entertain you and you will have to visit again.

WES verification fees to be paid in Room 103 and Room 207

Finally I gave one DD in Room No 103 for transcript verification and other in Room No 207 for Degree Verification. As informed by concerned person they will take 20-25 days to respond to WES because WES is sending documents for verification in huge numbers since last month their workload has increased drastically.

I hope this helps…!!!


WES Canada sent documents to Delhi University for verification
WES Canada sent documents to Delhi University for verification
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Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. It is certainly going to help lot of people looking for answers.

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How does one send the degree copy along with the marks transcript?

I am confused on that front. I have a WES reference number before teh guidelines changed so I can send it on my own to WEs. Confirmed with them but I am confused about the degree copy.

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If you did not include Degree certificate with your transcript, you can even fax the copy. This is what I did in my case.

Best would be send it along with transcript.

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So just a photocopy of the degree would suffice? And how exactly do i send it? Another separate envelope as the transcripts would be sealed or something else?

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You can use hellofax web application to fax the document.

  1. Write your Ref # along with WES address on plain A4 sheet (Cover letter).
  2. Scan this A4 sheet along with your Degree certificate.
  3. Create cover letter from hellofax website.

Send this to WES fax number +1 416-972-9004

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Just one more small question. I know I am being stubborn here. Sorry though. I am a passout of the old batch ( 2009-12) where the yearly courses were there and not semester wise.

Should the subjects written on back of my marksheet suffice at the DU counter to act as syllabus ( as it is compulsory I guess) as I am not getting it online ( only available for semester 2012 onwards).

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Yes, that should work.

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Hi Mayank, Anil

With the experiance of Mayank, please help me with the process:

  1. After creating the ref number, one verification mail from WES will come to DU.

  2. Once its confirmed by DU about the verification mail, I have to follow the mayank experiance.

  3. Question is post doing the 2nd point, If DU will not send the transcript & certificate directly, then i have take the sealed envelope from DU in hand and courier it from nearby post office.???

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DU will NOT send the documents directly to WES. Many people have confirmed this.

DU will only reply to WES email for verification.

I think the only viable option at this time is to ask someone to post transcripts from post office in Delhi University.

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