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  1. We try to answer your questions within 1 to 72 hours free of cost with our real world experience and knowledge.

  2. If we do NOT know the answer with 100% confidence, we say it straightway and ask you to consult an Attorney.

  3. This is an open community and we are not Attorney/Lawyer.

  4. The community is continuously monitored and all non-question related answers/responses are removed/taken-off immediately.

  5. No over-taking is allowed for anybody’s original question with another question by other user.

Anonymous mode for hiding identity
If you want to hide your identity while asking or answering a question, you can use ANONYMOUS mode. This will hide your identity from other users visiting this forum.


For Anonymous mode:

  1. First log in to this forum with your user ID and password. You can use your Google or Facebook ID to log in too.

  2. Click on your account photo or the image icon on top right, you will see a 'Anonymous mode’ button. Click it and system will switch ON anonymous mode for you.

  3. Whatever you write now will have your identity hidden from other users on this site. Your activity will be marked by the user ‘Anonymous’.

Help others
If you know a confirmed reliable answer to someone’s else’s question, please go ahead and answer. We appreciate helping the community.

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