Washington DC Indian Embassy Power of Attorney Attestation Experience

Hi @Anil_Gupta,

Your article was really helpful for our PoA attestation to arrange the docs and cashier’s checks.

But there was one problem. Myself and wife were the 2 executents on the power of attorney.

I had sent it through postal to the Washington DC Embassy. Based on your article and the fees you had paid, I had sent 20$ + 3$ cashier’s check.

But today I received a call from DC Embassy that the amount is 20$ +3$ for each signature/executant and the amount is not correct.

So I am asked to pay another 20$ + 3$ for my spouse. Basically 46$ total. I am planning to send another cashier check for 20$ + 3$ tomorrow.

Just wanted to update this forum and also if you have any inputs to share on this, please do so.

Thank you

Thanks for sharing the information. Looks like each Indian Embassy has its own rules for fees.
In our case, NY embassy just charged $23 with two executants (me and my wife). You can see the receipt in above article.

As a matter of fact, I had asked this question when i was making the payment in Emabssy. They had replied saying the fees ($23) is charged per DOCUMENT (Cashier told me it is NOT based on number of signatures/executants or number of papers).

But, it is good to know that DC embassy has different criteria.

Thanks once again for sharing.

Appreciate your quick reply !

Yes, I called Washington DC embassy and re-confirmed it that DC embassy charges 20$ + 3$ per Signature.
So 46$ for me and wife.

They also retorted advising not to compare with NY embassy :slight_smile:

I am from NC and so my attestation has to be done at DC embassy is what I was told.
Regardless, your post has been much helpful and sure would share with my friends in need.

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