Was not carrying Original Passport with Visa

Hello Sir/Madam,

I (visa H1B) was on road trip with my wife (visa H4) within the USA. We came across the US border Patrol checkpoint. Office asked about our Visa status. We shared the info. Then He asked for passport. We told him we don’t have original passport with us but we have soft copy. Office said it is violation of law, you should carry the original docs all the time. Then he said do you have any id? We gave state issued Driver’s license. He instructed us to be in the Car and went inside Cabin with DL. He came back in approx.15 mins and handed over our ids and said i am allowing you to go with warning (verbally nothing written) you should carry original documents. Don’t get arrested for stupid reasons.
Can anyone please suggest if it may go to record and impact future H1B extension, PERM process, visa stamping or re-entry in the USA at the air port from outside us?

No issues at all. If there were any written records of offense, the cop should have shared a copy. He probably validated your state ids and accepted you guys to be in valid status but he was right that you need to carry passport and your I-94 ( just like you would when flying within US) if you are driving inter-state.

Thank you so much Kalpesh for your reply.